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This particular day in November had the makings to be like the other 301 days before it. I had been ignoring some of the most important aspects of my work-ridden life – Peace and tranquility. The fast-paced life in New York can get the best of us, dreary and exhausted.

My Wife, Jane had supported me through my career, but at this point, we both needed a break. Jane bought a 10-day getaway to Iceland. I knew nothing except that Iceland was faraway. So I asked Jane “2600 miles away and cold?” to which Jane casually replied “Trust me It is exactly what we need.” 

Neither of us had been to Iceland – So we geared up on Timberland – The shopping spree was exquisite.

“We will be staying in a hotel in Reykjavik for 4 days and then go to Akureyri. And finally we will see the Northern lights” Said Jane while packing her hiking boots, the last of her many things. I replied, “Sounds pretty awesome, we will have a lot of fun.” I was not sure at this point; since, I am not the travelling type.

We reached Iceland at 6:45 am. 4 degree Celsius, the good thing was the unique breath of fresh air. As if I was in an alien planet breathing their cold air, everything was mysterious and peaceful. I knew at the time, the trip is going to be memorable.  



Reykjavik was such a wonderful experience; I felt that Mother Nature had especially taken her time on this part of the planet. The food was delicious, I tried Hangikjöt for the first time and it hit the spot with 2 pints of Icelandic beer. After that, Jane and I topped it off with some Icelandic Chocolate, sinfully rich and delectable, is all I am going to say. The hospitality was great; heck, I felt, I had been living there for years, the locals there love to interact and almost all of them speak English fluently.

4 days seemed like hours and I was already dreading leaving. However, what I experienced in Reykjavik led me to believe – That Akureyri was going to be even better.

We arrived at Akureyri around


I liked the short 45-minute flight – that from above, looked like we were traveling over the moon. We were served tea and enjoyed a little conversation. The hotel we stayed at cost us $70 per night. It was a decent hotel, but we did not come here to sit and eat, we came to Iceland to relax and to be inspired. Jane had secured tour for whale watching, I was a little tired but we went through it. I think, this was the most relaxing experience of my life, whales are such gentle creatures.

The next day, we had planned to tour the Northern Lights, we were told to wear the recommended clothing. 6 layers on top and 3 layers on the bottom with hats, sweaters and jackets. Jane thought I looked like a presentable and fatter version of Elmer Fudd

It was 10:45pm. Cold winds going through our lungs, and a sight that literally beguiled us with a fond memory of Iceland, which we will keep for a long time.


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